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Beautiful Hypnosis-Births

Beautiful Hypnosis-Births is a unique one-on-one hypnotherapy program designed to give you a beautiful birth experience regardless of how or where you choose to bring your baby into the world. 

Through our one-on-one sessions, I am able to get to know you, your ideas about birth and what your beautiful birth looks like in your vision, which helps me to customize our work together to fit your specific needs, wants and desires for an empowered birth experience. 


We will begin with releasing any fears or traumas related to birth if those are present in your awareness, pain management techniques including hypno-anesthesia and hypno-epidural, powerful visualizations that will connect you with your baby and more. Two weeks following the birth of your baby we will have our 6th and final session; the new parent session!

I have combined my personal experiences, knowledge and over a decades worth of research on pregnancy and childbirth - and I fused it with my clinical studies and speciality certification in hypnotherapy with emphasis on the use of hypnosis in childbirth, to bring you my Beautiful Hypnosis-Births program. 

Included with this unique program is a digital copy of the internationally acclaimed documentary, Beautiful Births and a full color, Beautiful Hypnosis-Births information and affirmation guidebook that was written specifically for my Beautiful Hypnosis-Births clients.

Young Couple Expecting
In Labour
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