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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you get with Beautiful Hypnosis-Births program? 

  • One-on-One sessions, prenatal and postpartum  (live video chat session)

  • 6 MP3s to listen to and practice with

  • Beautiful Births documentary (streaming access)

  • Beautiful Hypnosis-Births Affirmation & Information Guidebook

  • Beautiful Hypnosis-Births Activity Book (digital PDF)

  • Birth-Brain Training System & Activity Book (digital PDF)

  • E-mail support, postpartum

When you purchase my program, you are getting all of my experience, research and personal support throughout your own journey to help guide you through a beautiful birth experience. 

What is the Birth-Brain Training System?

I have created the Birth-Brain Training System to stimulate your RAS (Reticular Activating System) for your Beautiful Birth experience. The system includes a video explaining the system and how it works as well as a downloadable activity e-book, so that you can utilize this system and learn how to make your RAS work for you, to help bring your desires into your conscious awareness and reality. 

I called it the Birth-Brain Training System because we want your beautiful birth on your brain and we're training your brain with this system by learning how to stimulate the Reticular Activating System (RAS), to manifest your desires into your conscious reality. 


What are my credentials and why should you choose me & the Beautiful Hypnosis-Births program? 


In 2003 I had my twins via cesarean section. My next two births in 2005 and 2006 were VBACs in hospitals with Certified Nurse Midwives present. In 2008 I had my last child at a birth center, in water by candle light; my beautiful birth.


In 2014 I completed and released my first film titled Beautiful Births: an informational documentary. In 2016 I was a contributing author to Fear Free Childbirth - a free eBook and also wrote a review of A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth. In March 2018, my documentary film photographer and birth assistant expert featured in the film, Jackie Korpela and I decided to team up again to create a book version of Beautiful Births which will expand on topics discussed in the film and include even more beautiful birth stories & images.

During my years of pregnancy I studied pregnancy and childbirth. I read and watched everything I could get my eyes, hands and mind on. I even considered a career as a doula or midwife when my children were young but had an unsupportive partner so entertaining the idea of a career which would have me on-call around the clock wasn’t feasible. So when I found myself frustrated with how mainstream media and television portrayed natural birth as scary and painful or with fear tactics about how most pregnancies are high risk, I decided I could take all the information I had and make a film to inform and educate expecting parents. I made something that was what I wanted to see and loaded it with accurate information and personal birth stories from real women who had babies in and out of the hospital system. 


I am a certified Hypnotherapist with speciality certification in Hypnosis for Childbirth as taught by the world famous Hypno-Mom, Lisa Machenberg. I graduated from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute with Honors and received an Academic Achievement Award.


What are the Self Study Programs?

Our digital and downloadable programs are Do-It-Yourself Self Study hypnotherapy programs which are alternate versions of the best childbirth hypnotherapy program, which are designed with your convenience in mind. There’s no appointment you have to set up or show up for. No traffic to contend with or wait time. No class to worry about being late for or missing a class and having to make it up (or miss out on information). And at the same time, I’m always available to you if you reach out.

These Self Study programs are bringing the benefits of hypnosis to you in the comfort of your own home and on your time, while delivering powerful results directly to your mind. 

The Beautiful Hypnosis-Births Self Study Programs come with 6 pre-recorded video sessions where I go over things like Theory of Mind, your support team, birth plans, the vagus nerve and discuss much more, in depth. It basically covers all the important information that I would share with you in a one-on-one session. Each video session has a corresponding MP3, which is the hypnotherapy part of the session. 

The Self Study version was designed for the modern mommy-to-be to take matters into her own hands. I created this version of the program with a low-risk healthy pregnancy in mind (which is actually the norm, despite what mainstream media wants you to believe!) however, I am happy to work with you and customize your MP3s to suit your needs should mother nature throw a curve ball your way. This is where the continued e-mail support comes in handy. Reach out to me anytime and I will work with you regarding your own unique needs. 

Are Binaural Beats safe to listen to while pregnant? 


Yes. Binaural Beats are considered "brain entertainment" and are sound frequency waves. They are not known to cause any harm.

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