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Beautiful Hypnosis-Births: An affirmation and information guidebook

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Beautiful Hypnosis-Births: An affirmation and information guidebook is a digital e-book that is only available with "Beautiful Hypnosis-Birth" program and packages.


This digital book is a prelude and mini version of the Beautiful Births book Jacqui Blue is currently writing which is being filled with even more information and new birth stories! 


Beautiful Hypnosis-Births: An affirmation and information guidebook is a full color digital book which discusses hypno-history and how it relates to childbirth present day, detailed information regarding prenatal nutrition, the parasympathetic vs symapthetic nervous systems and much more! 

Written by Jacqui Blue, Images by Jackie Korpela

Beautiful Hypnosis-Births

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About Our MP3s...

These high quality MP3s were recorded with a world class musician who has taken a great deal of care and attention to detail to give us the best possible recording quality. Joey Malone perfected a mathematical and scientific method using binaural beats.


We took a great deal of time studying sound therapy before carefully composing the soundscapes that make our MP3s so powerful. Put headphones on and allow us to take you on a journey through your consciousness and deep into your subconscious so we can rewire your mind to help you achieve a beautiful birth...and beyond! 


The Beautiful Hypnosis-Births program comes with six (6) high quality MP3s for you to continue to listen to and practice with. They correspond with each of our six sessions.


Our MP3 bundles allow us to offer the benefits of hypnosis and power-of-the-mind tools to those who aren't ready to commit to the full hypnotherapy program.


About Binaural Beats


Binaural Beats stimulate brain-stem responses, which originate in the superior olivary nucleus of each brain hemisphere, with auditory frequencies. Two different auditory impulses or sounds are heard from each ear, which is how these frequencies are able to stimulate the brain waves in this way.

Binaural Beats are believed to reduce anxiety and stress. If used properly, binaural beats are also believed to improve concentration and promote overall well-being, including helping with healing the body or mind as well as helping people accomplish their goals such as to quit smoking or lose weight.

Your natural functioning state of mind is beta, so our MP3s are embedded with binaural beats designed to bring you into an alpha state of mind and then journey on down into theta for a little bit before ascending back up to beta state. Alpha state of mind is like a bridge between beta and theta. 

Our binaural beats have been embedded in such a way that they blend in with the ambient soundscape crafted for these MP3s. However, in the rare case that someone experiences an aversion to binaural beats, we also have MP3s available without them. Just reach out and  we'll be happy to send you the binaural beat-free MP3s. All you have to do is ask! 


Important note: In order to experience the effects of Binaural Beats, one must wear headphones or earbuds. With or without binaural beats, it is highly recommended you listen to the Beautiful Hypnosis-Births MP3s with headphones or earbuds to maximize relaxation and concentration, as well as to help cancel out distracting noises in the immediate environment. 


Beautiful Hypnosis-Births, Healthy Pregnancy, Motherhood, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Natural Birth
Beautiful Hypnosis-Births, Healthy Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Hypnosis
Beautiful Hypnosis-Births, Water Birth, Natural Birth, Unmedicated Childbirth, Hypnotherapy

Understanding the brainwave states:

Brainwaves are electrical impulses that flow from neuron to neuron within the brain.


  • Brainwaves are measured between 14 - 30 Hz.

  • Normal waking consciousness and a heightened state of alertness, logic and critical reasoning

  • The state of mind that consciously creates our realities

  • Too much beta brainwave activity is linked to anxiety, an inability to relax, and stress

  • Suppression can lead to ADHD, daydreaming, depression, and poor cognition


  • Brainwaves are measured between 8 - 13 Hz.

  • Associated with "right brain" activity; imagination, creativity, memory, and intuition

  • Mind is basically 'idling' -  awake, relaxed, and ready for whatever task lies ahead 


  • Brainwaves are measured between 4-7 Hz. 

  • In this state the brain frequencies are barely conscious, just before sleeping and just after awakening

  • The border between conscious and the subconscious worlds

  • Capable of deep and profound learning, healing and growth

  • The state of mind we need to reach for hypnotherapy to be effective 

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