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More about the program...

Here's an overview of what you will learn in our sessions. You will also receive digital workbooks and MP3s with the program, as well as get a free bonus of the internationally acclaimed documentary, Beautiful Births. We will help remove your fears associated with childbirth which will help with pain management. 

All sessions are via Zoom and can take place regardless of where in the world you are. 

Session 1 

  • Introduce the Theory of Mind

  • What hypnotherapy is and how it works

  • Release fears and negative associations regarding childbirth

  • Introduce the idea of hypno-anesthesia 


Session 2 

  • Who is your support person?

  • Your birth team

  • What's a doula?

  • Birth visions and birth plans

  • Introduce the hypno-epidural and how to use it with hypno-anesthesia 

Session 3 

  • Prepare for your labor

  • Connect with your baby

  • Make positive birth associations

Session 4 

  • Parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems 

  • Learn how to stimulate the vagus nerve

  • Practice deep breathing so you feel the shift in your body 

  • Surrendering and opening up

  • More practice with the hypno-anesthesia


Session 5 

  • Final prenatal session

  • Practice more deep breathing to stimulate the vagus nerve

  • Visit your sacred birth place

  • Access your beautiful hypnosis-birth tools

  • Connect with your baby 


Session 6 

  • Postpartum, new parent session

  • Two weeks after your baby is born

  • Focus on your healing body and self care

Beautiful Hypnosis-Births
Beautiful Hypnosis-Births, Childbirth, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy
Beautiful Hypnosis-Births, Motherhood, Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis
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