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Jacqui Blue helps pregnant women release fears and anxiety associated with childbirth through hypnotherapy so they can have a better birth experience. Offering support through pregnancy and childbirth, including limited postpartum care with world renowned birth expert and certified Hypnotherapist, Jacqui Blue who brought you the internationally acclaimed documentary, Beautiful Births.

Beautiful Hypnosis-Births
Beautiful Hypnosis-Births
Beautiful Hypnosis-Births

How are we different from other hypnosis for childbirth programs?


  • Beautiful Hypnosis-Births is a one-on-one hypnotherapy program, with world renowned birth expert, Jacqui Blue.

  • Beautiful Hypnosis-Births consists of 6 sessions; five prenatal and one postpartum.

  • Completely customizable to however and wherever you intend to birth your baby, with self study as alternative options for the busy parent-to-be.

  • Both, the one-on-one session work and the self study program, options come with a special free bonus of the internationally acclaimed documentary, Beautiful Births.


In this program you will discover:

  • The science behind hypnotherapy and how it can help you during childbirth

  • Proper prenatal nutrition for a healthy pregnancy

  • A step-by-step guide to preparing for childbirth using hypnotherapy techniques

  • Tips for involving your partner and healthcare provider in your hypnotherapy practice

  • Guided visualizations and meditations to help you relax and connect with your body and baby

  • Strategies for dealing with pain and discomfort during labor

  • And much more!

Every birth is unique and no two experiences are the same, so when you work one on one with Jacqui, she tailors a custom experience based on your needs for your specific pregnancy concerns. You will be working directly with a certified Hypnotherapist, VBAC advocate and world renowned birth expert to give you the best birth experience possible.


We are excited to announce our upcoming book, an innovative and interactive hypnotherapy program in book form. This book is a first of its kind and is split into two sections. The first section is a 15 chapter book which includes:

  • Personal birth stories of the author (c-section, two very different VBAC experiences in hospitals, water birth in a birth center, and unassisted home birth with precipitous labor)

  • The history of and science behind hypnosis

  • Prenatal nutrition

  • How to hijack your nervous system

  • and much more...

The second section of the book is a whole hypnotherapy program with QR codes that link to the six video sessions and corresponding MP3s, with workbook pages to help you saturate your subconscious mind to give you a pleasant and positive birth experience. The entire program in book form, is only $175 and will be available on Amazon in May 2023. 

Beautful Hypnosis-Births book
Informed Pregnancy TV

WATCH Beautiful Births on Informed Pregnancy TV

Informed Pregnancy Podcast with Jacqui Blue

LISTEN to Jacqui Blue on the Informed Pregnancy Podcast

Beautiful Hypnosis-Births
Beautiful Hypnosis-Births
Beautiful Hypnosis-Births
Beautiful Hypnosis-Births
Jacqui Blue

Every option, including the Self Study program comes with a free bonus of the internationally acclaimed documentary, Beautiful Births 

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