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Postpartum  Portal 

Welcome to our Postpartum Portal. All postpartum parents are welcome in this space. You must become a site member to access our Postpartum Support Groups, but it is 100% FREE to join! We created this space as an extended free resource for support and we are happy to have you help us grow this community. We created this space away from social media platforms so it's more private and personal without the worry of friends and family seeing personal things relating to your postpartum journey that you may not want to share with them just yet, but a place where you can connect with others and share your journey with those who may be experiencing similar things.

We know the postpartum journey isn't always easy. Sometimes it's lonely, so we hope to help establish connections that will ease that loneliness. Not everyone goes down the deep rabbit hole of postpartum depression, but for those who find themselves there, we are here to help you and will help connect you with a therapist who can better assist you, if you need additional help than the support we can offer.


Jacqui Blue and Jackie Korpela will pop in from time to time with creative postpartum projects, journal prompts, live video chat sessions, self-hypnosis classes, guided meditation journeys (live experiences and a pre-recorded gifts to our group members), and more.

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