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Pregnancy, Childbirth, Postpartum

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Labor & Childbirth

  • Relaxation has been proven to lower maternal levels of circulating catecholamines (stress hormones), and lower levels of stress can facilitate uterine contractions.

  • Dissociating from pain to pressure or to change the perceptions and perceiving contractions as a way to get closer to birthing your baby. 

  • No adverse effects to using mind-over-matter hypnosis for a relaxed mental state, which helps promote a relaxed physical state.

How Hypnotherapy Works With Childbirth

Our Beautiful Hypnosis-Births hypnotherapy program works by putting the client into a suggestible state of mind (theta) so that the subconscious mind will take in suggestions to release fears associated with childbirth and pain management while also replacing negative images and visuals with positive and beautiful birth images. 

This program teaches you how to train your brain and put yourself in a calm and peaceful state of mind at will; tools that will help you beyond birth and well into years of childrearing. 

Each session consists of a cognitive portion where we discuss specific topics of interest related to your upcoming birth experience. Following the cognitive session is the hypnosis portion, which always begins with a progressive relaxation intended to stimulate your vagus nerve and putting you into a deep state of relaxation. That is where we will learn how to release fears, traumas, the emotional charge of past negative birth experiences, other people’s horror stories, mainstream media’s negative brainwashing regarding childbirth and learn about hypno-anesthesia and the hypno-epidural - how to use them…and more! 

Hypnotherapy works best when you listen to the MP3s at least once a day and practice the exercises. This is how we create new “knowns” that will stay stuck in your subconscious mind. 

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