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About Me:
Jacqui Blue,
Certified Hypnotherapist

Jacqui Blue

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist, documentary filmmaker, writer, photographer, artist and mother. I graduated with Honors and received an Academic Achievement Award from Hypnosis Motivation Institute in 2018. 

I have six children and had five very different pregnancy and birth experiences. I had a cesarean  section with my twins in 2003, followed by two very different back to back VBAC experiences in hospitals in 2005 and 2006. I had my last son with a licensed Midwife and in water, by candle light at a birth center in 2008. In January 2022, I had a precipitous labor (very intense, very fast) which resulted in an unplanned, unassisted home birth with my daughter - my 15 year old son was my only birth support, and what a story that one is!


I have been featured in, US News, Baby Gaga, Healthy Way, Life Zette, Good Enough Mother, Inspire Me Today and several podcasts. 


I have personally experienced Hypnosis in Childbirth myself and during my time studying hypnotherapy, I knew this was an area I wanted to specialize in because the subject of childbirth is one I’ve become an expert in.


In 2014 I released my first film; an internationally acclaimed documentary, Beautiful Births. I was asked to be a contributing author to the Fear Free Childbirth book and am currently writing a book companion to the Beautiful Births film. I am an ideal person to work with women wishing to experience a beautiful birth using hypnosis in childbirth because of my experiences, knowledge and passion.  

See my media & press credentials here: Beautiful Births & Jacqui Blue in the Media

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